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True quality stands the test of time

Lost Weekend is an interior design practice, store and collaborative workspace for design. Lost Weekend was founded by Emily Maher in 2006. Emily has spent her entire working life in the design industry and is the principal designer in the firm.

With a focus on contemporary design and a reputation for being expert in some of the most exciting and quality brands in modern design, Lost Weekend specialises in modern interiors and the melding of classic design styles with a contemporary twist. Lost Weekend interiors are meaningful, practical and enduring.

Lost Weekend has a store in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin which allows the customer to avail of the brands we proudly represent and sample their quality and design. We welcome people looking for that one special piece or those who need advice and guidance for entire rooms and homes.

We are client driven and client centric. Our clients are our inspiration and our motivation. Each client can expect a comprehensive and professional service. We listen and deliver results within the remit of each project.

We collaborate with many professions in the design world, primarily architects and building professionals, artists and garden design professionals.

We work with private clients and corporate clients alike. We are available to discuss the scale and scope of any project.

Lost Weekend is an interior design practice, retail store and collaborative workspace for design

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