2015 – the year of collaboration

2015 – the year of collaboration

Welcome to our blog.

We will be posting events and news and looking back to some of our finest and funniest moments since our conception in 2006 so do keep checking in.

We are calling 2015 ‘The year of collaboration’ – strength in numbers.

In the next few weeks we will be announcing a pop up in Lost Weekend to celebrate a meeting of design minds but in the mean time here’s a story from our archive……

Our very dear friend Eoin Colfer, who is currently the laureate na nóg, was commissioned to write the sixth in the trilogy of the book series “The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” and in 2009 we at Lost Weekend worked with Eoin and Fritz Hansen to produce a limited edition Egg chair to celebrate the book.

Think space, exploding planets and cows! The production of the chairs was limited to 42. A number you Hitchhiker fans out there will know as extremely important. So what to do next, well go on a world tour of course!!!

Egg chair

The Egg departed from lovely Selskar in Wexford bound for New York, then on to Philly, Chicago, LA, San Fransisco and Seattle finally landing in Inform Interiors in Vancouver.
It was Halloween, spot Arthur Dent, Eileen Gray (looking good Nancy Bendtsen) and Eoin Colfer and Neils Bendtsen as themselves.


Then on to Copenhagen where the Hitchhikers Egg sat happily among many other Eggs in the stunning Fritz Hansen showroom looking out over the sea.


And finally back to Dublin….what an adventure!


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